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Your First Visit

Description: Step by Step

  1. History: Your doctor will start by reviewing the paperwork you have completed (see forms below). He will then ask you several questions about your current complaints and past medical history. With this information a suspected diagnosis will be established.
  2. Evaluation: Based on your history and suspected diagnosis, your doctor will perform various orthopedic tests (which challenge joints and muscles) and neurological tests (which determine how well your nerves are firing). These tests will either support or refute the suspected diagnosis.
  3. Special Test: Based on your history and evaluation, your doctor will determine if special tests, such as x-ray or MRI, are necessary.
  4. Working Diagnosis: With the above information gathered, a probable diagnosis is established and discussed with you. Based on the probable diagnosis, different treatment options will be presented. At this time we will decide if chiropractic treatment is indicated or if you need to be referred to a different provider.
  5. Treatment Plan: If chiropractic treatment is indicated and you choose to pursue this option, a suggested plan will be presented. This plan establishes two things: first, a time frame or number of visits within which we want to see improvement, and, second, the various means to address your condition. A treatment plan may include some or all of the following: chiropractic adjustments, various forms of muscle therapy, instructions on how to perform daily activities to avoid further stress to the injured area, exercise instruction, home treatments such as heat or cold, and nutrition recommendations.

How to find our office
There is information about our location on our contact page.

Forms To Fill Out

New Patients (complete the following forms)

In addition to the forms below please bring with you the following:

  • Imaging studies (X-ray, MRI, CT, Bone Scan)
  • Reports from other doctors

Existing Patients

  1. If you have been treated in our clinic within the past year (call to ask if you are unsure) but have had an auto accident, work injury, or significant trauma, please download, complete, and bring with you the following:
    - Pain Chart
    - Functional Rating Index
  2. If it has been more than 1 year but less than 3 years (call to ask if you are unsure) since you were treated in our clinic, please download, complete, and bring with you the following:
    - Prior Patient Paperwork Packet
  3. If it has been more than 3 years (call to ask if you are unsure) since you were treated in our clinic, please download, complete, and bring with you the following:
    - New Patient (Over 3 Years) Paperwork Packet

Complimentary Consultation
We offer ten minute complimentary consultations. This is a time for us to determine if chiropractic would be an appropriate treatment for you and for you to determine your comfort level with us. Though not required, if you bring the following we will have better information with which to advise you.

MB Forms
If instructed by your provider, please download and complete the appropriate MB forms.

Individual MB forms:

FAQ About Our Forms

Why all the paperwork?
We don’t like to read unnecessary paperwork any more than you like to complete it. Everything you complete we spend time reading. There are three good reasons why complete and accurate paperwork is important.

First, we can better understand your condition, which allows a more accurate diagnosis and more directed and efficient treatment.

Second, it is our responsibility to not only establish with reasonable certainty what your diagnosis is, but also what it is not. Simple questions (that may not seem relevant) can rule in or out the likelihood of various diagnoses.

Third, establishing where you are at the onset of care provides the baseline with which to monitor for progress. It is important to know when treatment is effective and when it is not.

Thank you for being complete and accurate.

Form Download Instructions
Our forms are PDF files and are opened using Adobe Acrobat Reader software. If you don't have Acrobat Reader, download it for free.

To download the PDF files of this website to your computer hard drive, "right click" on the link, select the "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As..." option from the menu which appears and then select the directory on your hard drive where you would like the file saved and press "Save". Then you can view or print the PDF file you downloaded by locating the file in you just saved and open it with Acrobat Reader.

Fees & Insurance

Our Fees: All fees for services are based on the degree of complexity, the number of areas involved, and the time spent evaluating, treating, and discussing your condition and treatment (dos & don’ts, exercises, etc.).

  • The fees for a new patient depend on the complexity of the presenting problem, but the range for a first visit is $115 to $260.

Financial Hardship: Our clinic does offer a reduced fee schedule based on financial hardship. Legal requirements for doing so include submitting this financial hardship application, which may also be picked up in our office. Once the application is approved and payment terms agreed upon, your appointment time will be scheduled.

Insurance: Most major insurance companies cover chiropractic treatment, and our doctors are providers for nearly all of them, including Medicare and Labor & Industries. The amount of coverage varies from plan to plan. You can either reference your insurance agreement or call the telephone number on your card to determine your plan benefits. If you have questions or would like us to help determine your coverage please feel free to contact us.

Work Injury: Our chiropractic doctors are registered providers for the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. Injured workers have the right to choose the provider of their choice.

If you have been injured at work be sure to notify your employer and inform our office when you schedule an appointment. The paperwork required to open your claim will be completed and submitted after your first visit.

Auto Insurance & Personal Injury: We treat many auto accident patients and our billing office is experienced in working with auto carrier plans.

Time of service payment discount: Due to the high cost of medical billing, treatment services paid on the day of service will be reduced, passing the savings on to the patient. (Sorry but due to an attempt to keep product cost reasonable, product cost cannot be reduced).

Patient Portal

Patient Portal Instructions
We have implemented a patient portal which will allow us to provide you electronic Clinical Summaries of your visits (if requested) and also send you a secure message if and as the need arises.

Important Information about our new Patient Portal [pdf]